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Brasso Tops & Tunics

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  1. Base Fabric: Brasso Tops Tunics For Women
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Brasso Tops and Tunics

Doesn’t Brasso sound unique and quirky at the same time? This fabric is known for soft tissue like texture and is synonymous of ‘burnt out fabric’. With gorgeous designs, Brasso made tops and tunics have been a great source of admiration for all fashionistas round the globe. The speciality of this fabric is that they can be textured in various ways. It offers an exclusive sense of style to the wearer unlike other fabrics.

Brasso tops and tunics have amazing floral motifs and are also available in catchy embellishments. You can even search for Phool patti work, gota, and kundan patterns which are really famous to further add a delicate touch to these beauties.

It is delicate fabric and thus demands gentle care as well.