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Tips To Buy Saree For Women …3 Sarees You Must Worn

Saree today has not only become glamorous then ever but also has become sensuous too, it’s an romantic attire that has undergone huge transformations from plain boring sarees to sexy sarees with sequined borders, artistic patterns, embellishments, pearls, stones, etc. Saree can be worn in


How to Buy Salwar Suits from Indiarush?

Salwar suit is attire which has a versatile appeal. A perfect blend of comfort and style, salwar suits can be donned on any occasion. Indiarush offers a bouquet of options that suits the taste and choice of every individual. Available in different kind of fabric,


Charm everyone with the pinks, the reds and the cremes

Without a doubt, the best design sarees online are in pinks, reds and crèmes. For some reason, our Bollywood beauties and their designers seem to favour these colours over all else. The best thing about these colours is that they are beautifully adaptive and can


Grand designer sarees for grand Indian weddings

Weddings always mean shopping. Women buy new designs of sarees for weddings to look different and striking amongst all in the crowd. However, do not confuse weddings in India with shopping of only bridal sarees. Sarees have to be bought for each and every relative


Trend alert- Pakistani suits will soon rule Indian fashion

In determining oriental fashion, women of the Indian subcontinent have always been exemplified. But Eastern fashion clothing is not only limited to India. Our very dear salwar kameez is also the national dress of our neighbouring country Pakistan. We already know that there are varied


The unfading glory of Indian sarees stays strong

Indian fashion has been dominated by the glorious saree in various forms and designs. Weaving of sarees is a major livelihood for many weavers in this country. Artists especially dedicated to this job take hours to complete the fine thread or zari embroidery, block prints,