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Tips for Selecting Best Outfit for Bridesmaid

Being selected as the bridesmaid for your best friend’s wedding is truly an honorable and happy moment. However, the next thing that comes is selecting the perfect dress. Well this can be really tricky. A bridesmaid dress has to attractive enough to roll the eyeballs


Top 4 Trends of 2015 in Designer Salwar Suits

Designer salwar suits have always been in vogue, but with changing times, the trends are changing bringing about latest fashion sense. Before buying salwar suits, it is important to be aware about the latest trends which are carving a place for itself in the catalogue


Gregarious Designer Sarees that Complement Your Look!

The glam of Mira Rajput wedding dresses was talk of the town. The finesse of colors and smartly chosen patterns truly did give joyous moments also to the eye of onlookers and photographers. Shahid Kapoor too appreciated every look of would be bride. In her


An Unforgettable journey of Lehenga

Sarees always play a significant role in Indian fashion world. Once more, Lehenga Saree has revamped the fashion statement for Indian women. It actually brought two Indian traditional Indian costumes lehenga and saree together to create a unique and trendy ethnic dress, which draws the