Let us share a story.


Story of a kid, wandering in crowded markets just to find a beautiful, unique and special gift for her parent’s 25th anniversary. She went to every market, drenched in sweat, baked in heat but found nothing unique. The tiring day was ending when she thought of Googling for some options. And suddenly her eyes were enlightened. She found something just as pretty and unique as she thought. She found an antique piece for her parent’s anniversary. She found it on India Rush………” No more Rush in India, you’ve got India Rush, just for you”.


You don’t need to be that kid. You can be a cool, lazy kid and buy all unique items in JUST one click.

And we are not here to “JUST SELL”. We are here to DECORATE your home. We are here to SOLVE your problem of going to crowded markets. We are here for your CONVENIENCE. We are here for “YOU”.


Your choice… Wander in rush or become a part of India Rush.


‘India Rush’ is a unique platform that caters to people who truly appreciate good home décor. The only website to focus solely on interior decoration items, India Rush aims to provide its clients with high quality and truly functional home accessories. A first of its kind in the country; our online bazaar certainly has enough pizzazz to make customers ‘rush’ into to buy our products.


In a path breaking move, India Rush plans to turn furniture and furnishing shopping into a hi-tech activity. In the past, consumers of this sub-continent have always had a marked preference for finding home décor at local market places, and as a result, often losing out of the best deals- because they failed to look in the right place. India Rush hopes to remedy all that by providing high end products at bargain prices.

All of this considered, what drives Indiarush and every member associated with the team is the aim of making you feel comfortable in your home. We look to bring you comfort, to add a homely feel to your home and most of all to make sure your house meets your dream home. Every product that we bring to you is chosen with utmost consideration and with a thought that it must make your home shine through.


India Rush caters to this desire by not only providing singularly unique pieces of home furnishings, but also advice and suggestions from acclaimed interior designers.


No matter what idea of an interior décor you have in mind we will have products to match your tastes, preferences, choices, designs, everything. You name it we’ve got it.


Most importantly, the main idea behind everything we do and everything we offer is that Indiarush Cares. We care about your wishes, hopes designs and preferences. Most of all we care about your budgets.

Indiarush is your one-stop shop for everything you may need.

Your love and warmth and our products, together, can make your house a home.

Indiarush Team
We care !!!

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